SELECTION® Low Back Support

This model fits both a straight as well as a curved body type. It comes with extra stabilizing straps that "cross-over" in the back. The stabilizing straps move smoothly in the specially designed D-rings.

The reinforcement in the back section have a new shape and construction that divides pressure over a larger surface, yet leaves the spine free from pressure.

On the front section, the extra strap and pocket will assist in closing the front smoothly.

Recommended application:

Low Back Pain and back insufficiency


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Item No. Choose option
Item No. Color Size Hip measurement Height back Height front
354000010 Black X-Small 75-85 cm 19 cm 12 cm
354000011 Black Small 85-95 cm 19 cm 12 cm
354000012 Black Medium 95-105 cm 19 cm 12 cm
354000013 Black Large 105-115 cm 19 cm 12 cm
354000014 Black X-Large 115-125 cm 19 cm 12 cm
354000015 Black XX-Large 125-140 cm 19 cm 12 cm