For individuals that prefer a softer look, SoftSHELL combines the padding system of SoftKIT with a lycra textile front to form a sleeve that slides over the anterior shell. It includes a matching cover for the lower strut. Available in Beige or Brown.

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Model Size
283660011 Replacement Straps, Beige X-Small/Small/Medium
283660013 Replacement Straps, Beige Large/X-Large
283670011 Replacement Straps, Black X-Small/Small/Medium
283670013 Replacement Straps, Black Large/X-Large
283930010 SoftSHELL Beige X-Smal
283930011 SoftSHELL Beige Small
283930012 SoftSHELL Beige Medium
283930013 SoftSHELL Beige Large/X-Large
283940010 SoftSHELL Brown X-Small
283940011 SoftSHELL Brown Small
283940012 SoftSHELL Brown Medium
283940013 SoftSHELL Brown Large/X-Large