Soft upper and lower suspension sleeves and popliteal interface combine with adjustable straps to hold the frame in position as the straps are adjusted to provide a “stop” to control ability of the knee to hyper-extend.

Longer uprights (when compared to the Swedish knee Cage) reduce the amount of pressure required on the femur and tibia to control hyperextension, making the orthosis better tolerated by the patient.

Dual axis joints allow for full knee fexion and allow each of the four uprights to move independently over each other, from extension to fexion, enabling the orthosis to follow the natural movement of the leg and prevent downward migration.

Low profle hinges with slim uprights that are easily shaped to ft the contours of the leg to create an orthosis that becomes virtually unnoticeable under clothing.

Made of synthetic leather laminated with polyurethane foam and brushed polyester tricot. These unique pads provide a soft interface between soft tissue and the orthosis.

D-loops are available for patients with limited use of their hands to make the application of the device easier. Straps are attached to the suspension sleeves - eliminating confusion of which strap goes where. After initial ftting, wearer just closes or opens one side only of the front straps for simple application and removal.

Recommended application:

Genu recurvatum, Unstable knee caused by laxity of the ligaments, Mild valgus instability, Mild varus instability, Neurologic function impairment (post C.V.A.), Contraindications


Not suitable for sports activities


Kneemeasure: M-L mid-patella

ONE SIZE - Posterior upright connection bar adjusts to ft knee widths from 9 to 13 cm.

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Color Measure Length LH/RH
286510000 Replacement Interface - - Bilateral
286520000 Black 9-13 cm 45 cm Bilateral
286530000 D-Ring set of 4 - - Bilateral