Active X™ Patella

This open model is designed to stabilize the patella and prevent luxation and sub-luxation. The built-in pad fits into the groove on the side of the patella and "grabs" hold to keep it in place. As an extra support it is combined with a plastic half moon shaped splint that is removable. Active X Patella is made from the ventilated Active X-material to give comfort and ventilation.

Recommended application:

This orthosis is intended for individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) such as subluxation, dislocation or malalignment. Can in some cases also be used for patella luxation. Patellofomoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Patella luxation. Patella subluxation.


Non known


Knee circumference mid-patella

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Color Size Measure LH/RH
280550009 Black XX-Small 24-29 cm Bilateral
280550010 Black X-Small 28-33 cm Bilateral
280550011 Black Small 32-37 cm Bilateral
280550012 Black Medium 36-41 cm Bilateral
280550013 Black Large 40-45 cm Bilateral