SELECTION® Knee Optima Wrap

This model is a ”wrap-around-model” with all the features that you could wish for. It combines a range of motion control with medial/lateral stability and compressive support for knee instability. It also give assistance in reducing hyperextension, adding M-L stability and can assist in A-P instability. It has an anatomically shaped patella opening and silicon ”Stay-Up” on the inside to prevent migration. Optima Wrap also comes in PLUS sizes to accommodate larger thigh circumferences.

Recommended application:

Mild to Moderate knee hyperextension, Weak ACL, Partial ACL rupture, Mild to moderate M-L instability, Mild Osteoarthritis, Post surgery.


Severe knee injuries such as ACL/PCL ruptures. Be vigilant for severe problems with swelling and / or poor circulation.


Measure 1: 15 cm below patella

Measure 2: Mid-ptaella

Measure 3: 15 cm above patella


The operating range of the ROM wrist. Flexion: 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees. Extension: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 degrees. This product is available in two lårvidder, see product table.

Please watch our instructional video on how to use this product on You Tube.  Go to and search Camp Scandinavia

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Color Size Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3 LH/RH
357030010 Black X-Small 25-28 cm 27-30 cm 31-36 cm Bilateral
357030011 Black Small 28-31 cm 30-33 cm 36-40 cm Bilateral
357030012 Black Medium 31-34 cm 33-36 cm 40-44 cm Bilateral
357030013 Black Large 34-37 cm 36-39 cm 44-48 cm Bilateral
357030014 Black X-Large 37-40 cm 39-43 cm 48-53 cm Bilateral
357030015 Black XX-Large 40-46 cm 43-50 cm 53-60 cm Bilateral
357030115 Black Small Plus 28-31 cm 33-33 cm 40-44 cm Bilateral
357030125 Black Medium Plus 31-34 cm 33-36 cm 44-48 cm Bilateral
357030135 Black Large Plus 34-37 cm 36-39 cm 48-53 cm Bilateral
357030145 Black X-Large Plus 37-40 cm 39-43 cm 53-60 cm Bilateral
357030155 Black XX-Large Plus 40-46 cm 43-50 cm 60-67 cm Bilateral