BASIC Wrist with Thumb

Stable Wrist support that also supports the thumb without too much material between the thumb and the fingers. The thumb section is partly free from the other material to allow for a good support around the thumb structures. The volar aluminum splint can be removed. A narrow plastic stay run along the side of the thumb for extra support.

Recommended application:

Post-traume, Rheumatic problems, instability and pain releif.


Wrist circumference


This orthosis is equiped with Basic Extra Strap, which is a separate accessorie.

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Color Size Measure LH/RH
274421010 Blue X-Small <12 cm Left
274421011 Blue Small 11-14 cm Left
274421012 Blue Medium 14-17 cm Left
274421013 Blue Large 17-20 cm Left
274421014 Blue X-Large 20-23 cm Left
274422010 Blue X-Small <12 cm Right
274422011 Blue Small 11-14 cm Right
274422012 Blue Medium 14-17 cm Right
274422013 Blue Large 17-20 cm Right
274422014 Blue X-Large 20-23 cm Right