Did you know that X-LITE® is not only used for medical purpose?

3 December 2020

Varaform is a X-LITE ® material intended to be used for all kinds of creative purposes. It can be easily moulded into any desired shape and conforms perfectly over casts or moulds for your creation for example for sculpture and moulding for theatre and cinema scenery.

Vet-LITE is the perfect choice when splinting and casting is needed for animals, small or big. Knowing that the material is harmless and non-toxic as all pets want to chew on the material is an important feature. Fast and easy application to avoid stress moments is another thing that Vet-LITE will help you to achieve.

Our goal is to provide quality products that meet the expectations of our customers and at the same time meet the new challenges of the world in which we live and more particularly the ecology and the environment. Our products are, among other things, non-toxic and respect nature to the maximum. The material can be applied without the use of gloves and special ventilation equipment in the operating theatre and upon removal of the cast no harmful dust is produced. It is safe for all users to work with including pregnant woman, asthmatic people or people who suffer from allergic reactions.

Do you want to read more about the X-LITE® family and our company Runlite in Belgium, where X-LITE is manufactured, visit our new exciting Runlite website; www.runlite.com